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Feb 26, 2012

Safe Car Guide - ADAS Technology edition

A comprehensive ADAS database covering 750 models from China, Europe & the USA.

SBD presents an easy-to-manage list of ADAS systems offered by each manufacturer on all of their models together with the cost, supplier and system functionality across 3 key regions of China, EU and the USA.

SBD’s ADAS database helps you understand:
  • Which ADAS technologies are becoming mainstream across different brands and segments? 
  • How are vehicle manufacturer pricing their ADAS solutions?
  • Who are the key suppliers for different systems and brands?
ADAS features covered:
Adaptive Cruise Control
Collision Warning and/or Avoidance
Pedestrian Detection
Traffic Sign Recognition
Lane Departure Warning and Keeping
Blind Spot Monitoring
Night Vision
Driver Monitoring

Report Details:
Published: January 2012
Price: US$ 2693

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