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Feb 26, 2012

Sapphire CoSim+

Sapphire CoSim+ allows the user to enter any Sapphire process flow over these 4 growth techniques
The manufacturing process flows are created dynamically in a friendly hierarchical view where each process step can be moved, modified or deleted.

The user can save an unlimited number of process flows, equipment types and materials/chemicals
A project manager function offers the possibility to save all the user created data and scenarios (Wafer Fab unit, process flow, yields, equipment parameters…) and to reuse them later.
  • Simulation of up to five simultaneous scenarios allowing the user to run sensitivity analysis and compare results like yield improvement, change of growth technology, manufacturing location impact on cost, etc.
  • Sapphire CoSim+ uses an ExcelTM interface for maximum usability. This tool will enable you to evaluate the cost of manufacturing using your own inputs or using the pre-defined parameters included with the tool.
  • This tool is ideal for strategic marketing executives, process managers and R&D engineers analyzing the economic feasibility of different Sapphire manufacturing approaches.
  • Sapphire equipment suppliers can use Sapphire CoSim+ to know the operating cost of their equipment and can compare with their competitors.
  • It is also of great help for purchasing managers who want to understand their supplier’s costs.

Sapphire CoSim+ Market 

Published: February 2012
Price: Single User License: US$ 11918

  • Simulate a complete Sapphire manufacturing unit: alumina raw material, crystal growth, drilling, sawing, beveling, lapping and polishing.
  • Any boule weight (Kg), EFG ribbon size (cm²) and wafer diameter (2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”) can be simulated
  • Possibility to run the cost simulation for a variety of different conditions (region, process type, business model: fully-integrated, polisher only, core supplier only…etc…)
  • Integrated Equipment, Chemicals & Materials Databases
  • Very high flexibility 
  • Compare up to 5 different scenarios
  • Cost of the core and wafer with breakdown (depreciation cost, manufacturing cost, labor cost, yield losses)
  • Cost of the wafer by step (drilling, sawing, beveling, grinding, CMP…)
  • Weight of equipment cost in the core/wafer by equipment family (Reactor, driller, saw machine…)
  • Weight of equipment cost in the core/wafer by chemical/material (wet chemicals, slurries, water, electricity, diamond wire…)
  • Estimation of the Sapphire core and wafer margin
  • Understanding of the overall cost structure
  • Competitive analysis
  • Cost evaluation for different technology options
  • Identification of the cost pain points in your process
  • Definition of a business model (fully integrated, core supplier, finisher …