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Mar 1, 2012

Medical Imaging Markets: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and Ultrasound Markets

The report analyzes the current and potential world market for medical MRI and ultrasound systems. This report generally reviews the nature and direction of research, as well as future markets for two key areas of imaging technology: Ultrasound and MRI.

Two Modalities Seeing Increased Innovation and Usage
The market for MRI continues to grow despite the recession and weak recovery. Ultrasound continues to be a low-cost and effective imaging technology that can help radiologists and others gather significant clinical data about patients. MRI has been propelled by improved image quality facilitated by higher field strength magnets and the development of new techniques for evaluating specific portions of the complex structures in the brain. This demand has led to new applications and markets for the modality. Ultrasound is well suited to many patients. No other imaging option gives patients a real-time look at their anatomy or openly encourages discussions with physicians about their symptoms and the evidence of disease on the monitor. Ultrasound is safe, patient-friendly and inexpensive. The adoption of this modality by hospitals and other healthcare institutions has generated new market opportunities for manufacturers of ultrasound systems and components suppliers.

The information presented in this report is the result of data gathered from company product literature and other corporate brochures and documents, as well as information found in the scientific and trade press. In addition, interviews were conducted with company executives, clinicians and researchers.

Medical Imaging Markets

Published: March 2012
No. of Pages: 150
Price: Single User License: US$ 3500         Corporate User License: US$ 7000 

The research includes the following as part of its market coverage:
  • Current Market Size and Forecast for MRI Systems
  • Installed Base of MRI Systems (Open, Closed, Low to Mid Field, High Field)
  • Estimated Cost of MRI Systems
  • Current Market Size and Forecast for Ultrasound Systems
  • Installed Base of Ultrasound Systems
  • Estimated Cost of Ultrasound Systems
  • Regional Breakdown - World, US, Europe, Asia, and Country-Level Statistics
  • Major Trends Driving Growth
  • Review of Products on the Market
  • Profiles of Key Companies. (Open, Closed, Low to Mid Field, High Field)
Over 50 Companies Profiled

As part of its extensive coverage into the market for these two important diagnostic modalities, the report profiles many companies who produce and market MRI and/or ultrasound systems. Siemens, GE Healthcare, Philips, Fonar, Toshiba, Hitachi Aloka, Esaote are the among the companies profiled, providing the latest information on these leaders, but Kalorama also looks at the smaller companies who make systems and handheld units that are competitive. The technology these companies have introduced is discussed, along with significant market results. This provides market watchers with an accurate look at the type of companies that could earn a larger share of the market in the future.