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Feb 28, 2012

Wealth Management in the US

The US wealth management industry continues to strive to recover wealth lost during the 2008 financial crisis. In doing so, US wealth managers must adapt to the increasingly complex regulatory environment. The market is a mixture of retail bank private bank operations, investment bank-led and brokerage-based wealth managers, multi-family offices, and foreign banks.

Features and benefits
  • Build your customer targeting strategy using in-depth HNW demographics and needs analysis based on Datamonitor's annual Global Wealth Manager Survey.
  • Assess your competition through detailed profiles of notable players, including the customer targeting, marketing and product strategies they employ.
  • Size your potential client base using Datamonitor's proprietary data, presenting the number of affluent individuals by liquid asset band to 2015.
Your key questions answered
  • What strategies are my competition employing to win and keep affluent clients?
  • Which products and services will affluent clients in the US want in the next two years?
  • How is the US wealth management industry structured? What role do banks and asset managers play?
  • How many potential clients in the US have onshore liquid assets that would allow me to run a very profitable business?
  • Who are the main regulators in Switzerland and which legislation has impacted wealth managers?

US Wealth Management Market

Published: February 2012
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The US onshore affluent population constitutes 40.7% of the total adult population (aged 20 and above). The established nature of many industries in the largest and most developed economy in the world, alongside an established culture of entrepreneurialism, has fueled the development of a large pool of affluent individuals in the US.

The US HNW customer is typically over 51 years old and male. Wealth is amassed through earned income and business/entrepreneurship or inheritance. Liquid wealth is held in equities and government bonds. There is a strong appetite for discretionary asset management. There is a high understanding of financial products and a moderate risk appetite.

Investment bank-led and brokerage-based wealth managers exist alongside defined private banking operations from US retail banks, as well as independent family offices. Numerous foreign banks are present in the US in both the onshore and offshore market. There is also a large number of investment advisors in the US market.

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