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Mar 10, 2012

Brazil - Car Theft and Insurance | ReportsnReports

SBD’s report Brazil – Car Theft & Insurance gives a comprehensive guide to the market situation in Brazil and summarises the status of vehicle theft in the country. The reasons for theft, methods and theft reduction initiatives are discussed and the main requirements outlined by the CONTRAN Regulation 245 are analysed.
This report also takes a detailed look at how the insurance system works and the different types of insurance policies that are available. The requirements used by the insurance industry to assess damage and repairability and vehicle security are also examined.

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Car Theft & Insurance Industry

This report will help you:
·         Analyse the main reasons behind car theft in Brazil and the measures taken to reduce it;
·         Discover which cars are most at risk of being stolen and what happens to the cars that are stolen;
·         Understand how car insurance premiums are calculated including vehicle specific and driver specific factors;
·         Learn how damage and repairability assessments are conducted and how car security ratings are calculated.

Brazil is a fast emerging market in the developing world. As a part of the BRIC group of countries, Brazil’s economy has seen sustained growth; overtaking the UK at the end of 2011 to become the 6th largest economy in the world.
Unfortunately, Brazil suffers from a high rate of car theft. Although theft rates suggest that the situation is improving, the truth is that the increased wealth in the country and subsequent increase in car parc has resulted in statistics that do not portray the real situation.

The legislation has been delayed several times and mandatory fitment of tracking devices is now as follows:
  • 20% of total production for the domestic market – By 30 August 2012;
  • 40% of production total for the domestic market – By 30 October 2012;
  • 70% of production total for the domestic market – By 30 January 2013;
  • 100% of production total for the domestic market – By 30 March 2013;
Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:
Executive summary
Market Analysis
Theft Overview
Insurance Situation
Vehicle Security Requirements

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Published:   January 2012
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