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Mar 5, 2012

HIV Market Forecast

This report explores key issues in HIV across the US and five major EU markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK). It contains an assessment of key HIV drugs, a discussion of HIV market dynamics, and a 10-year patient-based sales forecast.

Features and benefits
  • Datamonitor’s first HIV market assessment based on patient-based forecasting (PBF) methodology.
  • Analysis of HIV market dynamics across the US and five major EU markets, supported by a large physician survey and insights of key opinion leaders.
  • Detailed sales forecasts for the major antiretroviral classes, molecules, and brands in the US and each of the five major EU markets.

HIV Forecast Market

Published: February 2012
No. of Pages: 6
Price: Single User License: US$ 11400               Corporate User License: US$ 28500 


Despite cost-containment efforts and an increasing threat of generic incursion, Datamonitor expects the HIV market in the US and five major EU markets to grow to $16.5bn in 2021. Major growth drivers are a continuously rising HIV prevalent population and the launch of new pipeline drugs, particularly of new single-tablet regimens (STRs).

Following strong growth in the first half of the forecast period (2011–16), Datamonitor expects patent expirations of key antiretrovirals and a leveling off of HIV prevalence rates. This will likely hinder HIV market growth in the US and five major EU markets from 2017 onwards, eventually leading to declining overall sales in 2021.

Your key questions answered
  • Understand the changing market dynamics of HIV drugs, success factors for leading brands and the commercial potential of late-stage pipeline products.
  • Assess the impact of events such as patent expiries and new product launches on individual brands and the overall HIV antiretroviral market.
  • Obtain full country, class, and product-specific forecasts of currently marketed and pipeline antiretrovirals from 2011 to 2021.