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Mar 6, 2012

UK Retail Forecasts & Sector Summaries to 2015

UK Retail Forecasts & Sector Summaries to 2015 provides updated and comprehensive data on the performance of the UK retail sector and nine major individual sub-sectors. It forecasts annual market size, growth rates and drivers, and explains the key trends and issues that retailers face as the economy and consumers face more austerity.

Features and benefits
  • Produce effective strategic plans with these updated and comprehensive forecasts for all the major retail sectors
  • Ensure investment is targeted at the most productive sectors and channels and maximise store potential and profitability
  • Benchmark your business against market metrics and highlight risks and opportunities


With average growth of just 1.9% to 2015, only the strong will survive. Non-food sectors are particularly hard hit as consumers focus on essentials and cut back on big ticket and discretionary spend. Non-food will lose 2.7% points in retail spending.

There is a major change in space as online takes yet more share of spend - particularly in sectors where digital delivery replaces physical product. Though online growth is slowing it will account for nearly 14.0% of all spending by 2015.

Retail Forecasts & Sector Summaries Market

Published: February 2012
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Pent up demand and an uplift in the housing market will help home related sectors recover from 2013 onwards, but coming from a much reduced base the recovery will be slow.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the growth prospects for retail and individual sectors to 2015 and what are the drivers and inhibitors?
  • What impact will low growth and online sales have on the productivity and size of stores in different sectors?
  • Which sectors will produce the strongest growth and what will be the factors driving this?
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