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Mar 9, 2012


360° analysis of MEMJET technology, supply chain, strategy and market potential
In 2007 MEMJET Inc. has been created as a Spin-off from Silverbrook Research, a private Institute based in Balmain, Australia. With more than 3,000 patents related to Inkjet printing technologies, Silverbrook paves the way for a unique wide-page printhead module for single pass printing: “MEMJET Technology” was born. Between 2007 up to today, periods of press releases are followed by quiet periods, increasing interest and curiosity of the printing industry. Finally, MEMJET unveiled the first OEM product with “MEMJET Technology” inside.

The report provides details on:
  • MEMJET technology and printhead costs
  • Supply chain operation and suppliers
  • Company strategy
  • Estimated market potential and sales forecast 2011 – 2016

MEMJET company history and current organization worldwide:
  • History of MEMJET and links with Silverbrook Reseach, the private institute developing MEMJET Technology are described in the report to show synergies between those private companies.
  • MEMJET Inc. worldwide organization around its 4 main business units: Home and Office Printing, Label Printing, Wide Format printing, Photo retail.
  • Key people from MEMJET
  • MEMJET Business model: an original model in the inkjet industry with strong partners to supply MEMJET Technology.
  • MEMJET is not only revolutionizing with its new technology, but also from its organization the choice of business model.

MEMJET Company Profile Market

Published: March 2012
Price: Single User License: US$ 5390

MEMJET is currently addressing 3 market applications – Home & Office, Label Printing, Wide format - and one to be unveiled soon – Photo retail. Through its OEM partners, MEMJET is claiming one of the speediest inkjet printing system of the industry, and the easiest devices for printhead changes and maintenance.

Office market is key for MEMJET, positioning the technology as a strong competitor for Laser systems, gathering the best of Inkjet and laser.

MEMJET printhead module is scheduled to grow at a 64% CAGR from 2012, becoming a key inkjet printhead and module supplier.

Based on 11 assembled MEMS printhead dies, MEMJET printhead module is a wide-page device, made of 5 ink channels. The innovative triangle shape at the interface allows a continuous 1,600dpi resolution. The 70,400 nozzles eject inks using a suspended heater produced by the use of MEMS processes.

Manufacturing of the ink holes by MEMS processes, ink ejection chambers and nozzles, as well as final module assembly is described in the report with a full process flow

Inkjet printer companies developing their own system and in need to benchmark competitors.
OEM hardware printing companies which evaluate their interest to collaborate.
Possible service suppliers in the industrial chain with an interest in MEMJET as a possible customer.

Provide information on the MEMJET company, a new player in the Inkjet printing industry.
MEMJET identity
Business model
Relationship with key partners