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Aug 11, 2010

Legal Outsourcing: Current Market Trends now available at ReportsandReports

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The stage is now set for a dramatic acceleration in legal outsourcing, due primarily to the increasing pressure for cost reduction and flexibility which is driving a significant shift from tactical project-based outsourcing offshore (Legal Process Outsourcing) towards wider and more strategic long-term sourcing relationships (Legal Service Outsourcing).


  • Provides a detailed analysis of the legal outsourcing market structure, market dynamics and evolving legal outsourcing models for LPO and LSO.
  • Based on structured interviews with senior partners across the Top 30 major law firms at the heart of the legal outsourcing market.


Unlike many other in-house functions, the legal function has already outsourced the majority of its activity and spend some 80%. But this has so far been on a very conventional professional services model rather than an end-to-end outsourced basis.

The market pressures and new operating models being adopted by enterprise legal functions are having a dramatic influence on the environment for the major law firms who serve them. All major law firms are experiencing an unprecedented level of significant sustained pressure on fee rates and most have suffered a reduction in business volumes.

A number of clear brand leaders are now emerging and converging to offer a full spectrum of LPO services. The majority of new LPO business from both law firms and enterprise legal functions – is now tending to go to these emerging brand leaders and their relative position is therefore likely to strengthen.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Includes estimates of the current and ultimate size of the LPO and LSO markets together with predicted market growth rates over the next two years.
  • Analyses how enterprise legal functions, major law firms and offshore LPO providers are developing alternative delivery and commercial models.
  • Provides detailed advice for enterprises and legal firms on the ‘outsourceability’ of various legal processes.

Table Of contents


Catalyst 2

Summary 2

Methodology 2

Executive Summary 4

Legal outsourcing market set for a dramatic acceleration 4

Customer-driven quantification of market trends, sizes and growth 4

Table of Contents 6

Table of Figures 7

Table of Tables 8

Market Structure 9

The primary market players: enterprise legal functions, law firms and LPO providers 9

Enterprise legal functions 9

Major law firms 9

Offshore LPO providers 10

Three different models for legal outsourcing: conventional, LPO and now LSO 11

Activity flows with the legal outsourcing market 13

Market Drivers and Responses 16

Enterprise legal functions are under real business pressure for transformation 16

Major law firms are now starting to adopt new operating models in earnest 18

Offshore LPO providers are consolidating and extending their service offerings 20

Evolving Outsourcing Models 21

A major shift from tactical to strategic LPO 21

LPO is spreading steadily up the value levels 22

Understanding the linkage between value level and ‘outsourceability’ 23

The emerging legal services outsourcing model 26

Global Market Size And Growth Rates 28

Orbys’ approach to assessment of market size and prediction of market growth rates 28

Conditions are right for exceptional market growth: the ‘perfect storm’ 28

Special factors for legal outsourcing may well hamper natural growth 29

Rapid growth is predicted for both LPO and LSO over the next two years 30

The LSO market will fuel additional growth in the LPO market 33

The LPO and LSO markets have significant further growth potential 34

Conclusions 36

Legal outsourcing state of the market 36


LPO market size assessments and growth rate predictions 38

LSO market size assessments and growth rate predictions 41

Comparison of LPO and LSO market size assessments and growth rate predictions 42

Further reading 43

Ask the analyst 43

Orbys consulting 43

Disclaimer 43

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